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A completely new experience in the field of mystery visits. Fresh, it is fun and a fully positive stimulation for your employees! Let´s introduce you to The Hunt – the game in which your employees need to catch the mystery shoppers.


What is the Hunt?
The Hunt is the mystery visit game where the roles are reversed (Reverse! [? TC]). It is up to the employees to unmask our mystery shopper. Instead of the dreaded scolding when receiving a mystery report, The Hunt focuses on the positive results of a visit and the desired behavior that an employee has demonstrated. Does the mystery shopper have an unforgettable visit, and does the employee provide the best possible customer service? Then the mystery consultant will return to the store straight after his or her visit and inform the employee that this location is the winner of this visit!


For who?
The Hunt is for everyone, for every target group and for every company. Whether it is your bank branch, hotel, restaurant, supermarket, amusement park or retail store, The Hunt can be applied anywhere. The only strict rule is that everyone in your team participates in The Hunt because you need some solid teamwork to win!


How to play The Hunt?
The Hunt is played over an average of two to three weeks, with each participating business being visited between three to six times. All employees are expected to perform their day-to-day duties and display their best attitude and behavior. A proactive and helpful approach scores points for your teams. After each visit, our mystery consultant decides if the experience went above and beyond, and, if so, our team member will reveal him- or herself to your team.

The Hunt works with fixed scenarios, hints and triggers that you co-create with our gamification experts. Everything is designed to encourage desired behavior in the workplace. Particular clues and triggers can be communicated in advance through your existing communication platforms. They help your teams to form an idea of the scenarios that our mystery consultants will be playing out. Triggers could be special behavior, a code word or specific action that is required from the employee.


What do you get out of it?
Participating in The Hunt will encourage your employees to provide the best customer service/guest service to every single customer in a playful way and, subsequently, improve customer satisfaction. This positive effect can be enhanced if stores compete with each other: who has been exposed to the most mystery shoppers, who is the most customer-friendly entity and who scores best on the mystery reports? Our customers rate The Hunt with an NPS of 52% [TC: ben je zeker??] and 94% of the team members of a client who already had The Hunt indicated that they enjoyed the game. Ready for some action? Watch the trailer and get in touch.

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