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Mystery Shopping


Step into the shoes of your customer and discover how they live your brand experience.

Our mystery consultants conduct in-depth mystery visits. They deep dive into all touchpoints along the customer journey of your brand. Our consultants provide insights in employee behavior, brand experience, process, quality control and other key drivers to your business. Together, we define the gaps between the true and desired customer experience and advise you how to bridge those gaps and enhance your desired customer experience. Use one of our turnkey solutions or let us develop a tailor-made approach for your company to measure your customer experience.

– Reporting by mystery consultants who fit your company’s customer profile.
– Create effective processes and empower your employees across all touchpoints of your customer journey.
– Build a strong and consistent brand experience across all your branches.
– Discover your customers’ perception through customer-centric behavioral questions.
– Define action plans to manage continous improvement.


Our approach

Our methodology provides a framework that measures all factual and emotional aspects of the customer experience.

-The survey framework handles predefined touchpoints of your customer journey.
Customer-centric questions: define and capture memorable experiences according to the Net Promoter methodology.
– Process and competency questions: analyze the effectiveness of your processes, together with your employees’ competencies.
– Enhancers & detractors: subjective customer feedback allows you to identify highs and lows of the experience.
– Photo-proof and scoring explanation: visual proof and extensive mystery shopper comments are included.

Our clients

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